Active Board
  • President: Alex Glessner
  • Vice President: Sean Johnson
  • Treasurer: Jake Edwards
  • Secretary: Austin Wray
  • Rush Chairman: Trey Odell
  • Social Chair : Alex Zeto
  • Associate Member Educator: Jake Mcdonough, Jared Chambers
  • House Manager: Matt Youtsler
  • Risk Management: Christian Mejia
  • Vice President External: Drew Moore

Message from the President

I would first like to start off by congratulating you, the alumni of Phi Kappa Theta, who help us stay motivated every day to live the ideals of the house. With your help we will hopefully be able to right the direction of the organization, and we hope that you will start noticing results as soon as this semester. This semester already we have gone in depth with goals from each position, and redefined our chapter’s mission statement and vision for the future. Without the continued support of our great alumni base, none of this would be possible.

While some of our goals may appear to be a little too ambitious, I have the utmost faith that we can achieve them throughout this term. Chris Corrigan led us for the past year, consistently putting in effort to help us get to the point we are at. The chapter mindset is devoted to progression and growth of the founding chapter of Phi Kappa Theta. On the note of progression, we have added a new position to our executive board this semester: External Vice President. Drew Moore has taken this position head on and we believe this position will help us to maintain and grow the strong relations we have with our alumni.

By setting goals and determining strategies to achieve said goals, we hope to make our alumni base proud this year. We plan to do this by continuing to bring good men into our chapter, and making a positive impact on the Ohio State community through philanthropy and academics. If anybody would like to contact me directly about the current operations of the house, I would love to speak with you. Thank you all for your unrelenting backing of the chapter, and we hope to see all of you in the near future.

Alex Glessner, Chapter President

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